Service 1: Electronic Home Appliances

If you have any kind of used or unused home appliances like TV, Refrigerator, iron, oven, stove, AC or any kind of electronic equipment that you want to sell, just make a call and contact with us. At a time if you want to buy any second hand product within a reasonable price then we are here to meet up your choice. We always ensure about the proper price according to the condition of the products.


Service 2: Furniture

We also deal with used and unused furniture of your home. If you want to buy and sell any kind of furniture just contact with us.

Service 3: Other Products

Our shop is always available for all kinds of necessary goods such as mobile, laptop, computers, fan, lights, sound system, cameras and so many things. Just visit our shop to find out your necessary products. We hope you will be able to find out your desire elements.

Electronic devices for hussainarishiest


Yes ofcourse, we have a physical showroom for our products. You will get the location from our contact info.


Both, we buy your used products and at the same time you can purchase your desire or necessary goods from us at a cheapest price.

Usually people come to our showroom and they take the products by themselves. If you want to purchase online then it can also be possible. For this service you have to contact in the given phone number.

If you want to buy we will provide you the best quality product and if you sell your product we will give you the highest convenient price of the product according to it’s condition.